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What our learners say.

As a result of their qualifications, our learners have landed new jobs and been offered direct promotions. Many have developed a new sense of self-confidence and enthusiasm for the challenges that lie ahead at work, whilst others have been inspired to continue on their learning curve, and progress to the next qualification level.

See below for a selection of some of our favourite comments.

Office Manager – Edinburgh, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP (IWFM Level 3 Certificate)

A quick thank you all your assistance getting me booked onto the course and for booking my accommodation, plus all my endless enquires directed at you and your colleagues (so thanks to them too). The people I met and trained with during the course all agreed that it was an extremely well run event with excellent speakers and fantastic facilities (lots of delicious food). It also helped that I made a number of good contacts who I am sure I will keep in touch with for moral support in the future. I think a combination of my fellow attendees and Quadrilect Ltd made for an exceptional learning experience. Or maybe people in FM are a nice crowd! I’ll certainly be sure to recommend the course to colleagues. I look forward to future courses!

Facilities Support Co-Ordinator, Provident Financial (IWFM Level 3 Award)

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing this qualification from the three day course itself to the day I was informed that I had passed. The level of support I received was brilliant!



Director of Facilities, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College (IWFM Level 4 Certificate and IWFM Level 5 Certificate)

Just really wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you for all your effort and support during the last 2 years, whilst I have undertaken the IWFM Level 4 and 5 qualifications. As you are aware I was close to 'quitting' at times, but thanks to you I kept going and have now reaped the rewards. I received final conformation of my L5 pass on 22nd February and on the 1st March was offered a promotion from Estates Manager to Director of Facilities. One of the main reasons for being offered this position was the knowledge and understanding of FM that I have gained from the last 2 years training. I have no doubt that the training has improved my skills in all aspects of my FM role and I am once again enjoying the challenges that FM brings. Due to operational reasons I will take 2013 off from studying, but may consider IWFM L6 in 2014. Thanks again for all your support and hopefully we will meet again in the future.

Site Facilities Manager, Commercial Services Kent Ltd (IWFM Level 4 Certificate)

I have recently completed and passed the IWFM Level 4 certificate and must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the tuition. The course content was challenging, however this was made enjoyable because of the qualification tutor. The tutor assigned to me has been a delight and I really cannot say enough about the support, feedback and practical advice given to me to pass this qualification. The level of support given by the whole team at Quadrilect and by my tutor has been outstanding. The possibility of progressing to the next level is now not so daunting when this level of support is available, and I would recommend this qualification to any facilitator who wants to progress.

Facilities Officer, Gateway Housing Association (IWFM Level 4 Certificate)

Just wanted to reiterate what a great team there is at Quadrilect. I think I was very lucky to have Marie-Ange at the start of my journey, she knows her stuff and really went the extra mile to make sure I understood the criteria. I think the assessor is very fair and gave down to earth advice meaning it was in plain English and I knew exactly what they wanted from me in order to for me to succeed. Again many thanks to all it's such an achievement..... it has given me the confidence to say yes I can do anything.



Facilities Manager - Jersey and Guernsey, ISS Facility Services (IWFM Level 5 Award)

Please accept my apologies for not sending you a note of thanks until now. I finally received my certificate last week and can now believe I have achieved my goal. For me, it was having your support that helped me succeed and for that, I am very grateful. I hope to carry on and achieve my IWFM Level 6 Award, although a lot has changed. After 34 years at Barclays I now work for ISS Facility Services (and Barclays is now my client!) so an exciting challenge ahead even at the age of 51! I am also in the middle of setting up a IWFM Channel Island region with the help of 7 other FMs across the 2 islands with loads of help from Gareth Andrews who chairs the South West region - so exciting times ahead! Thank you so much once again for your time, patience and support last year and hopefully, if I get time later in the year to continue my studies, you'll be my tutor again.

Estates Manager, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust (IWFM Level 5 Certificate)

The assessor feedback was extremely helpful to allow reworking when I had gone off on the wrong track. I have already used elements of what I have learned on the course and think it will help me progress my career.