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IWFM Level 3 Qualification Units & Tuition

Level 3 Unit Details - Learning Outcomes & Assessment Criteria

Qualification Specification

Click here to see the full level 3 Qualification Specification. This document contains information relevant to each individual unit, including Learning Outcomes (LO) and Assessment Criteria (AC). You can access this information via the hyperlinks in italics below’.

Tuition Programmes

Our tuition programmes (in bold) is based upon certain long-established short courses. It covers not only all the required unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria but also some additional topics. This is because each course is designed as a rounded training experience to help candidates with their jobs as well as contributing to other units within the Level 3 qualifications. Please click on course titles for detailed programmes.

Rules of Combination

The Award is made up of 2 units only (FM3.01 and FM3.03)
The Certificate is made up of 6 units: mandatory units FM3.01, FM3.02, FM3.03, FM3.03 plus two units of your choice in the list below (min 28 – max 31 credits).
For the Diploma, you will need to do all of the units below.

FM3.01 - Introduction to Facilities - 6 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.02 - Corporate Social responsibility & Sustainability in FM - 4 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.03 - Customer & Stakeholder Relations in FM - 5 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.04 - Specification & Procurement of Facilities Supplies & Services - 6 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.05 - Health & Safety Responsibilities - 5 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.07 - Budget Management of Facilities Management Operations - 4 credits - Financial Management 1

FM3.08 - Understanding FM within the context of an Organisation - 4 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.09 - Understanding Support Services Operations in an Organisation - 3 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.10 - Space Allocation in Current Facilities - 4 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.11 - Building Maintenance in FM - 5 credits - Understanding FM

FM3.12 - Understanding the Estate Management Function - 4 credits - Understanding FM