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Facilities Management Training & Qualifications
Facilities Mmanagement Training from Quadrilect
FM Training & Qualifications
Quadrilect Diary and Registration
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23/01/1825/01/18Understanding FMCentral LondonAvailableRegister
23/01/1823/01/18BIM - Operational ReadinessCentral LondonAvailableRegister
24/01/1825/01/18Understanding & Managing Building ServicesCentral LondonAvailableRegister
30/01/1831/01/18Effective Space PlanningCentral LondonAvailableRegister
06/02/1807/02/18Security ManagementCentral LondonAvailableRegister
20/02/1821/02/18Overview of Compliance and Standards Central LondonAvailableRegister
20/02/1820/02/18Financial Management 1 - The EssentialsCentral LondonAvailableRegister
20/02/1821/02/18Agile Working and Modern WorkplacesCentral LondonAvailableRegister
20/02/1821/02/18Disaster Recovery & Business ContinuityCentral LondonAvailableRegister
21/02/1821/02/18Financial Management 2 - Getting ResultsCentral LondonAvailableRegister
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FM Training & Qualifications
FM Training & Qualifications
FM Training & Qualifications
FM Training & Qualifications
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FM Training & Qualifications